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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Shit Has Hit The Fan ...

Just have a brief follow-up to a previous post below. My mother is currently in Mercy Hospital in downtown Monroe after having another heart attack at 6:30PM this evening -- days after being completely out of her medicine as a result of Medicare and Medco Health Solutions pointing the goddamned bureaucratic finger at each other!

Careers will end ...

UPDATE: FDL's Jane Hamsher has lost her mother. My heart goes out to her. With that news, all blogs listed in "The Purge of 9" will be added back into my blogroll at my earliest convenience.

UPDATE II: She's been transfered to Toledo Hospital this morning where, after heart catheterization, she became the proud owner of three new stents. This is her second heart attack since my father passed away in 2003. Her first was last summer and now this one. Some timing, eh? Two years before Dad died, his congestive heart failure episodes became closer and closer together until ultimately his heart said, "To hell with this shit!" Something tells me she won't survive the next heart attack or the next 1-3 years -- whichever comes first ... and I trust that feeling because it's the same feeling I had when the old man came home after quintuple bypass. He showed me the scars up and down his legs from where they used tissue to rebuilt his arteries -- legs that always had poor blood circulation to begin with. Poor circulation I've inherited from him (among other things).

FINAL UPDATE: She came home a half hour ago and seems to be allright. While in the hospital, her doctor told her, "You keep having heart attacks and we're going to run out of room putting stents in there!" More evidence (at least in my mind) that she won't survive the next one. Her first heart attack last summer was when she was mowing the lawn using the landlord's push mower. The handle was too high and she over exerted herself. Our riding mower has been out of commission for some time -- requires to be jumped off a 12V battery and won't stay running. This heart attack, however, was caused by stress brought on by a combination of not having any money coming in for the bills and her medicine, none of us can find any employment at all, losing our hot water for a while because the gas was shut off, the whole bureaucratic nonsense between Medicare and Medco, the bullshit between Talk America and AT&T, etc. It all added up and came to head last Thursday evening.

Thanks to those who made comments and donations. Every cent helps!

And now, I want to deal with that future post I talked about in the "Errata" portion of "The Purge of 9". That's been bugging me in between moments of worrying about my mother.


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I'm really sorry to hear about your mother. :(

By Anonymous Res Publica, at 1:44 PM  

Sooner or later this shit has to stop. UPMC Health System is now making MediCare program users pay up to 1/3 the cost of their visit. I hope your mother pulls through ok.

By Blogger Pax, at 1:49 PM  

I'm just about to go "postal" with you. It is so infuriating and I really hope your mom comes through it OK.

It's going to take a "on the street" revolution to stop this crap or they're just going to keep killing us and stealing from us.

By Blogger Yeshua David, at 3:04 PM  

Sizemore, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It truly sucks that they can't live forever. From a mom's POV, I want to be around forever, just to watch from a distance and my boy maneuvers through life.

The net neutrality ads at FDL have been a much-needed source of funding. We all know to click often and then close. We all know the ads are deceitful but if they can get our heroes some needed funding, well... I'd much rather it came to FDL than, say, lgf or worse.

By Blogger mommybrain, at 4:05 PM  

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