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Sunday, April 23, 2006

RANT: Gay Marriage

I just feel like ranting at the moment to let people know that, despite the apathy I've been going through over the past 10 days or so, I still have a pulse here. For the moment, anyway. So, I picked the subject of gay marriage to rant about because I'm sick and tired of hearing that entire rightwing Fundy Fristian excuse they always use: "It'll change the definition of my/our marriages!" However, instead of just bashing the shit out them for being typically stupid, I feel the need to tackle this from a Biblical perspective. The problem here should be self-evident: the "morality" of the Christian Conservatives is a bullshit sense of morality.

How so?

Well, let's just forego alot of juxtapositions of the Bush Adminstration and the GOP over the last few years and instead argue from a Biblical perspective: if our culture's sense of "morality" does indeed stem from the Bible, then one of most important admonishments that Jesus said to His audience was to not take their cues from the world (e.g. the status quo; from "pop-culture"). In other words, He's saying morality should be developed and expressed from the inside out; not from the outside in. When the Republicans, Fundy Christians, and the rest of the rightwing Bigotsphere (danke, Digby) argues, "Lettin' the queers and dykes marry will change the definition of my marriage" on a basis for morality, they immediately render Jesus's words completely moot.

How so?

They're allowing their sense of morality AND their definition of their marriages to be dictated by the status-quo - from the outside in; from their own twisted perception of "pop-culture" - as opposed to defining it themselves between themselves and their God (e.g from the inside out). As a result, they're communicating more about themselves than the queers and dykes they're castigating.

What exactly are they communicating?

1) Lack of faith of themselves.
2) Lack of faith their spouses.
3) Lack of faith in their God (if God applies - not everyone is religious/spiritual)

By saying gay marriage will change the definition of their marriages, they're communicating a triune lack of faith in themselves, a lack of faith in their spouses, and a lack of faith in their God in order continue to DEFINE and SUSTAIN their own marriages. As a result, they're marriages are allready headed for divorce court because this triune lack of faith is an open admittance that the foundation - the cornerstone - of their marriages is EMOTIONALISM and emotionalism is tenuous since it's predicated on mood and feelings instead of a more solid foundation of honor, integrity, common courtesy, self-discipline, and respect -- values that are made solid by logic, common sense, critical analysis and reason. Off to divorce they go because the triangle (husband, wife, and God - if God applies) has been allowed to be broken by an outside force.

Also, not only are they communicating a triune lack of faith, but they're also communicating an inability of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

How so?

By saying, "gay marriage will change the definition of my marriage", they're doing nothing more than publically dignifying that the entire aspect of "gay marriage" is a CONDITION to what is suppsed to be the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE "for better or worse" foundation of their Godly/Christian marriages. But since the foundation of their marriages is emotionalism, by letting that CONDITION bleed into the already tenuous emotionalistic foundation their marriages are forged upon, that condition alone renders them incapable of expressing unconditional love not only towards themselves, but also towards their spouses, and their God.

That's not all - it get worse: It also renders them totally incapable of expressing unconditional love to their neighbor -- whether that neighbor is liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, gay or straight, man or woman, friend or foe, right on down the line. As a result, the edifices of their Christianity and their sense of "morality" crumbles and falls apart right alongside their very own marriages. Therefore, the real reason why the Rightwingers in this country vote against gay marriage is not because of Biblical morality - it's because of jealousy and envy.

Since they allowed the idea of "gay marriage" to become the fulcrum upon which hangs the definition and ultimately the destruction of their own Christian/Heterosexual marriages, they vote against "gay marriage" in a fit of envy and jealousy because they want THEIR definition of marriage ("heterosexual") to also act as a condition that bleeds into a gay couple's marriages so that it, too, is forced to adopt a foundation of EMOTIONALISM, and thus become destroyed as well. Wrapping their hate, jealousy, and envy up in Christian fundamentalism is just a convenient means of masking it from perception and recognition from the very status-quo they care more about than themselves, their spouses, their God, etc.

Of course, the Les/Bi/Gay community is going to repond to the rightwing Christo-Bigots, "Fuck that horseshit! My lover and I want to define our marriage for ourselves!" The Christian Fundies get pissed, "But that's not FAIR!!" The LGBs retort, "Well, you can't stop us forever. You don't matter one whit to the definition of our marriages and never will, and as soon as we get the right to marry, we'll prove it, and THAT is what frightens you!" and, cornered by the bitter taste of truth, the Christian Fundies explode, "Oh yeah?!? Well take this!" and thus they blow millions and millions of tax-free dollars that should be used to feed and cloathe the poor and needy just to convince the fickle status-quo masses into voting against gay marriage completely out of envy, jealousy, and spite.

Civil Rights, Morality, Christianity, and even Jesus himself be damned ...

Right along side their marriages.


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