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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Babysitting The Chimp-In-Chief

"Exactly what did the President know and when did he know it?"

That's been the burning question for a long time now and most of us in left Blogoistan allready knew the answer. The problem was getting Patrick Fitzgerald and the Republican-owned and operated, tax-break loving, defense contract collecting mainstream media to peel the onion. Fitzgerald has done a fine job and continues to do so although he's been relatively silent lately. Predictably, we can't say the same about the mainstream media. As a result, the following onion peel from Murray Waas where he shows quite clearly exactly what the Bush-Lord knew and when did he know it will again be predictably ignored by the MSM, leaving the spineless Democrats in Washington to continue collecting their $160,000-180,000 welfare check without rocking the boat too much ...

Karl Rove, President Bush's chief political adviser, cautioned other White House aides in the summer of 2003 that Bush's 2004 re-election prospects would be severely damaged if it was publicly disclosed that he had been personally warned that a key rationale for going to war had been challenged within the administration. Rove expressed his concerns shortly after an informal review of classified government records by then-Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley determined that Bush had been specifically advised that claims he later made in his 2003 State of the Union address -- that Iraq was procuring high-strength aluminum tubes to build a nuclear weapon -- might not be true, according to government records and interviews.


The previously undisclosed review by Hadley was part of a damage-control effort launched after former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV alleged that Bush's claims regarding the uranium were not true. The CIA had sent Wilson to the African nation of Niger in 2002 to investigate the purported procurement efforts by Iraq; he reported that they were most likely a hoax.

The White House was largely successful in defusing the Niger controversy because there was no evidence that Bush was aware that his claims about the uranium were based on faulty intelligence. Then-CIA Director George Tenet swiftly and publicly took the blame for the entire episode, saying that he and the CIA were at fault for not warning Bush and his aides that the information might be untrue.

Translation: The Plame Leak, the withholding of the NIE, Tenet falling on his sword, all of it. Every single scrap of it was carefully orchestrated by Rove, Cheney, Bush, Hadley, and Libby to insulate the Waterboarding-Rich-Brat-in-Chief from potential media scrutiny -- scrutiny that would not only have blown his re-election but may have dragged them all down an impeachment/war crimes hellhole.

Note to Democrats: I hate to sound like the late Johnny Cochrane but when you've got a lying thief, you must impeach. Period. Fuck You. Next. But you won't. Why? Because your vote record for the war in Iraq as well as your current paralysis in the face of it all shows your own complicity in this nefarious, unethical, criminal, corrupt, complacent, complicit wet dream amongst the capitalistic Corportoracy that has resulted in more than 2,300 dead soldiers, 17,000+ wounded, a middle eastern nation in civil war, and an America completely alone all by itself surrounded by a third-world brimming with pissed off motherfuckers whose own leaders can annihilate our economy at the the drop of an I.O.U. ...

(Hat Tip: Crooks And Liars)


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