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Friday, March 31, 2006

The AmericaBlog Bruhaha

As John Aravosis says, 9 months ago, he posted a rant accusing the left of fearing money. It drove me batshit but I let it slide. On the heels of his recent attendance of a media gala of which he posted pictures (one of which was of him hanging out with Katherine "Tits" Harris), John recieved some pretty nasty comments in his HaloScan. That prompted John to go all out for Round 2 of his "The Left Fears Money" rant. I won't let it slide this time so I'll have my take on that ordeal later this afternoon or evening.

I like John alot and think he's absolutely one of the most brilliant -- if not THE most -- brilliant bloggers out there. But he's offbase with his two rants. He needs some humble pie. However, so are some of those who complained -- they're just as fuckin' offbase and John is. So, both are getting an equal share of defense and burial by me later on (and I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into that Harris picture). Until then, Rip Van Winkle wants to waterboard my ass ...


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