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Sunday, April 16, 2006

And Yet Another Rovian Swerve ...

While spending the last several days in overall Blogging Burnout in which a $40 check to a braindead contractor representing Charter/Comcast/DirecTV this morning has probably only bought me a few more days of my own pessimism inspiring me to redoubling my efforts in that regard (Him: "Hey, brother - I'm only doing my job" -- at least you have one, shitball!), I've noticed that we now have a half-dozen retired military generals calling for Rumsfeld's head.

Unless these well-decorated gentleman have plans to hollow it out and make it into a bong for the Freepers (which shouldn't be too hard considering Rumsfeld's head has been empty ever since he sealed that "Let's Help Iraq Use The MEK To Win Against Iran" deal in the 1980s with a handshake and the backing of Reaganomics), I really can't understand why they'd want Rumsfeld's skull on a platter all of a sudden.

In fact, neither can a good portion of the greater liberal blogosphere as most of them herald it as something monumental. Digby says it's a BIG THING. Georgia10 at Orange, INC says it's a BIG THING. My skeptical Brainiacs Fixer and Gordon seem to believe it's probably a small BIG THING that'll lead to a BIG BIG THING. Even John "The Attention Whore" Aravosis managed to pull his own head out of an orchid's ass long enough to tout it as a BIG THING.

Why, this motherfucker is so HUGE that John Holmes is .............


WTF?!? Holy shit, that ... that sounded like nuke-shot from an "undisclosed location":

Well, here they come: the wannabe Rommels, the gaggle of generals, safely retired, to lay siege to Donald Rumsfeld. This week, six of them have called for the Secretary of Defense's resignation.

Well, according to my watch, they're about four years too late -- and they still don't get it.

I know that most of my readers will be tickled pink that the bemedalled boys in crew cuts are finally ready to kick Rummy in the rump, in public. But to me ... They're wasting all their bullets on the decoy. They've gunned down the puppet instead of the puppeteers.

There's no way that Rumsfeld could have yanked General Garner from Baghdad without the word from The Bunker. Nothing moves or breathes or spits in the Bush Administration without Darth Cheney's growl of approval. And ultimately, it's the Commander-in-Chief who's chiefly in command.

Even the generals' complaint -- that Rumsfeld didn't give them enough troops -- was ultimately a decision of the cowboy from Crawford. (And by the way, the problem was not that we lacked troops -- the problem was that we lacked moral authority to occupy this nation. A million troops would not be enough -- the insurgents would just have more targets.)

Generals, let me give you a bit of advice about choosing a target: It's the President, stupid.

Greg Palast for the win, Alex. It is indeed the President, his snaggle-toothed Veep, and their "MEK or Nyookyaler Bust" plans for Iran. The more these Generals run around clammering for Rumsfeld's head, the more it becomes the BIG STORY instead of Bush's double-super background secret mushroom cloud over Tehran. Rumsfeld is merely the baby being dangled out the driver-side window directly into uncoming traffic as Daddy Cheney and Mama Bush drive the station wagon for a little camping in the Ayatollah's sandbox.

Perhaps Rove hasn't lost his touch after all ...

(Hat Tip: Crooks And Liars)


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Perhaps Bush is the real target. But Rummy is the easier target, because his incompetence is there for all to see. If I had turned in a novel three years ago whose primise was that the richest most powerful nation in the world could not adequately control and rebuild some decrepit sandpit in the Middle East, my editor would have sent that novel back onto my desk so fast that it would have bounced, with big red "Implausible plot! Nobody will believe it!" scrawled in red crayon on the front. But Rummy made it happen. With help from everybody else in the Bush Administration, of course, but (shrug). You start with the obvious target, and go from there.


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