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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tali-Born Again Lets Hair Down About "Just Us" Sunday II

You know, I hate to be repetitious, but it looks like my predictions of a great divorce within the GOP are indeed accurate. They are imploding. Hackett's campaign run in Ohio against Frankenfrauline Schmidt -- one of the craziest lunatics to surface from God's Own Pissants since Ann "Blondie Bin" Coulter -- has got 'em all bleeding out the asshole and blaming it on Michael Moore because Hackett only lost by 4 percent. Also, we've seen over the past week Bill Frist's hopes of a Presidential run in 2008 go up like Fallujah thanks to none other than Tom "The Ticking Termite" DeLay who rolled on Frist the second Frist rolled on stem cell research, this pissing off the Theocrats. As a result, the Theocrats tossed Bill Frist into the "outer darkness" and decided to drink venom with The Bugman on for their forthcoming second "Justice Sunday" event.

Today, however, thanks to the NY Times, we get the joy of witnessing the Rev. Pat Robertson of the $700 Billion Club hit the venom-shine a little early, causing either instant delusion of granduer or a channeling of the dead spirit of Yasser Arafat (you be the judge):

In a televised prayer on Tuesday for Judge Roberts's confirmation, for example, the television evangelist Pat Robertson asked his viewers to pray: "Take control, Lord! We ask for additional vacancies on the court." (A "prayer point" on the Web site for Mr. Robertson's "Supreme Court Freedom Project" includes "additional vacancies" as well.)

If you read that as "Lawd, pahleeze strike Rehnquist dead or inoperative in Jesus' nayme, Ay-min!", you're not alone:

The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, called the prayer "ghoulish," saying, "The only way people leave the court these days is through death or infirmity."

Of course, since the good Reverend Robertson can't afford the PR nightmare of actively praying for the infirmament or death of a Supreme Court justice, he sent one of his Disciples of Delusion to cover his ass:

But a spokeswoman for Mr. Robertson said he was praying only for retirements, not deaths, noting that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor had retired after his prayer was first posted.

This is just prime spin considering the recent decline in Justice Rehnquist's health, which itself spurred the Republican noise machine to spout an unfounded rumor of his own immediately retirement just days after O'Connor announced hers -- unfounded because Rehnquist sent word that the day he retires will be the day the EMTs carry his dead or invalid body out of his chambers. Rev. Robertson knows that the day will naturally come sooner rather than later and yet emplores his foot soliders to pray to God hoping the Big Man upstairs will super-naturally speed up that "sooner" stuff just a hair. You know, while the Capitol is in recess.

To be certain, if God doesn't speed that day up, Rev. Robertson and his fundamentalist Republican Guard will find a way to blame Rehnquist's not giving up the ghost on "liberals" because accepting the idea that God is on record about "not playing favorites" would be to admit that the God of the Bible is an apolitical God.
That shit simply doesn't gel with their political agendas.