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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Katherine Harris Gets A New Nickname

John and the gang over at C&L has a video of FNC's Hannity & Colmes where the political artist formerly known under such monikers as "Madame Hangchad" and "Cruella DeVillage Idiot" shows up for an interview about her campaign. At least, that's what they want us to believe. The truth, however, is that the real focus of the interview was in Harris's "assets" -- her burgeoning Breasts of Mass Male Molification. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding and, my oh my, does standing at profile with ones arms clasped behind the back ever POP them titties to center stage, eh? Yeppers! Women with less-than-handfull B-Cups can easily give off the illusion of C-cup succulence by simply arming themselves with a decent bra, a tight blouse, and that very same pose.

The fact that she stands in this "right-side profile" stance for the entire segment and her shoulders are perked backward because her wrists (allthough off camera) are clasped together behind her back speaks volumes -- this interview wasn't impromptu; it was fucking deliberatly staged willingly by Harris's campaign and FOX. Her poise was crafted to send a message not only to the horny 18-34 breast-lovin' Republican male voting demograhic (read: "Hot Dayum, Cletus, check 'em out! She makes me wanna give doze many crow's feet on her neck a pearl necklace she won't evah forget!") but to the very Straussians & Rovians within the GOP (read: "See, guys? If I stand like this, voters will forget all about my role in Election 2000, those nasty Photoshopped images of my face, and instead will pay more attention from the neck down instead of the neck up!") to give her the nomination and full support -- something they are unwilling to do:

The White House and some Republican leaders have tried to recruit other party candidates to run against Harris this time, fearing her polarizing role in the 2000 election would alienate moderate voters. But no other Republican has entered the race.

In other words, Harris is adroitly demanding payback from rigging the election the Bush administration profitted from (in more ways than one, but that goes without saying) and they're dragging their asses, therefore she's forced to use ... uhm ... her other talents, which she displays so well on that video. Thus, she has earned a new nickname from me: TITS HARRIS!

I'm also going to go on ahead and declare an ACTION ALERT on this mess because I'm getting the strange feeling that if Bush and the GOP can't field other candidates to run against her within the next few months, they'll hunker down and draw up plans to support her ... but not without a vigorous "political image" makeover that'll kick off on the editorial pages of the WSJ where her name will show up as "Kat" Harris. Notice the change? "Kat" denotes a sort of feline, sensual, sex-kitten quality to it -- a perfect match for those casabas she and FOX NEWS gave center stage to.

Some people (hell, most people, for all I know) in the GOP JesusLand will fall for it because they simply can't make the accurate assumption that if Tits Harris's "other talents" consists of stuffing her own bra, then there isn't anything else of her own she isn't willing to stuff (I'm talking BALLOT BOXES, you bunch of sick fucks).

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