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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Reap What You Sow Redeux

The title of the Daily Texan front-page story covering Ms. Coulter's speech was "Arrest Made At Coulter Speech." You could also have caught it on CBS or in the Austin-American Statesman. The general idea is that some jackass made a scene and Ann Coulter was also there.

I am Ajai Raj, and I am the jackass.

That's right, folks. The Texas college student who dared to skewer rightwing Neo-McCarthyist Blondie Bin Coulter with a question that earned him an unlawful arrest is now a free man and gives his side of the story. If you think his treatment by the police and Coulters' Republican Guard has intimidated him, think again: Raj not only skewers her repeatedly but parades her impaled carcass around as if to say to all humanity, "Yes, I Skewered Your Candy Ass And How The Fuck Do You Like That?!?!" and I sure as hell don't blame him. He's a brave motherfucker that deserves not only a medal but every single solitary red cent from the coffers of Blondie Bin Coulter and the State of Texas if he is so inclined on seeking legal retribution.

Ajai Raj, I salute you.

America needs more people like you who stand up for the Constitution; not wipe their asses with it.


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