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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

And The Whores They Rode In On

Break out the Vaseline and spread those ass-cheeks as Cohen's FAIR.Org has published their 2004 "Fear & Favor" report that peels the onions on how politics and big business use our property (the public airwaves) to keep greasing each others' wheels of the for-profit, Corporate, Republican-Owned & Operated, mainstream media (as well as the not-so-mainstream). Wanna know exactly how much dick you're taking up the tail pipe? Let the ménage à trois begin:

Courts have consistently ruled that university administrations have to keep their noses out of college papers’ business, but that didn’t deter Arizona State University president Michael Crow. When ASU’s State Press (10/7/04) ran a picture of a female breast with a pierced nipple on the cover of its weekly magazine supplement, Ira Fulton, who had given ASU $58 million in the previous year and a half, called Crow’s office to complain. Crow immediately dispatched the student affairs president to warn the paper that “funding will be suspended ASAP if not corrected.” Virgil Renzulli, ASU’s vice president for public affairs, claimed the real issue was that the State Press didn’t have a clearly defined content policy; to the students’ response that they follow the Society for Professional Journalists’ code of ethics, he replied, “We think that there may be guidelines more appropriate for student journalists than the ones for other news organizations” (AP, 11/26/04).Though the administration insisted Fulton’s complaint had nothing to do with the crackdown, Crow wrote him an October 16 letter assuring him that “the Office of Student Affairs will be monitoring the newspaper’s forthcoming editorial decisions very closely and working with its management to ensure that the University’s standards are clearly understood. I appreciate your direct engagement on this matter” (Phoenix New Times, 11/18/04).As Crow told the Arizona Republic (11/20/04), “I don’t think we want [the State Press] off campus. I think as an investor in the business, we want some say in how it’s run.” Now there’s an education in how the media really works.

Exactly. It works for the business cretins, the shitbag politicians, and other vested interests by dry-fucking "Joe Taxpayer" not only out of his money and time but his intelligence and property, too. Textbook class warfare if I ever saw it. I know, I know -- some of you people reading this (from both sides of the political fence) will say, "But's its a BIZZZZZZZNESSSSSSS!!"

My response?


What about MY business as one member of "the people"? The public airwaves (which include radio and TV frequencies) are owned by "the people" according to law. Stations are merely leasing them for use via the FCC with the promise that they'll balance out and self-regulate any conflict of interest that may arrise between their wanting to inflate their bottom line and our right to know what the fuck's going on in the world and whose culpable for it. Ahhh, but to cancel out that particular law, there's other laws in the business world that make it illegal for corporate networks who knowingly put the interests of their shareholders distant on their list of priorities. So, when the conflict arises, guess whose more important -- Mr. Big or YOU -- the average American Joe Blow?!?

If you're the landlord and a tenant uses his lease as a means to turn the living pad you're providing him with into a fucking crackhouse, are you going evict his sorry ass ... or you gonna say, "Welp, that's bid'ness! Least he payin' da rent on time!" and leave him to keep turning rocks into cabbage?!? Fuck no. You're going to evict that sumbitch and then have the police cram his drug-pushing ass so far and deep into a federal penitentiary that the warden will have to employ the powers of a good quality slingshot to feed the rotten bastard. So why are we so damn hard on the Main Street drug-pushers and yet keep giving a pass to the Wall Street drug-pushers and the politicians who keep cashing those bribe checks?!? They're pushing their "drugs" in our yard just the same, man, with their Crack-Jesus, their Crack-Fox News, their Crack-CNN etc.

We own the public airwaves so reclaim them when they do this shit and EVICT the sonsabitches, too, while you're at it. Don't threaten to evict them, either. Threats are the insecure so make a promise instead. It'll go farther if you're the type to stick to your guns.

For those who say, "It's the economy, stupid", I say bullshit. The economy that gives these Wall Street drug-pushers free-reign over the minds and wallets of the little guy aren't jack shit without the little guy -- the marks. Without the poor and the middle class, the rich fat-cats have nobody for their drugs. So what's it gonna be, Mr. Poor or Middle Class "Joe Schmoe" who owns the public airwaves -- are you going to be The Punk Boss or are you going to keep being their Punk Bitch?!?

Personally, I stopped being their Punk Bitch when Reagan killed The Fairness Doctrine, never once looking back, and if these Wall Street crack-dealers are going to engage into the "Class Warfare Without Being Called Class Warfare" game, I'll be around to not only to call their bluff but I'll be stepping to the plate carrying a big stick.


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