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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Divorce Court

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, President Bush at that press conference also said that he believes you're equally American, whether you're Christian, Muslim or Jew. And I wonder if you fully accept that. Because in the past, you've said that you believe that only Christians and Jews are qualified to serve in the government.

Is that still your belief?

ROBERTSON: I'm not sure I'd make such a broad sweeping statement.

This Week With George Stephenopoulos
ABC News
May 1, 2005 (emphesis mine)

Nothing good took place last November, only the potential for something good.

Dr. James Dobson
"Focus On The Family" Radio Address
May 8, 2005

But you will not abide the election of a Republican president! In that supposed event, you say, you will destroy the Union; and then, you say, the great crime of having destroyed it will be upon us! That is cool. A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear, and mutters through his teeth, "Stand and deliver, or I shall kill you, and then you will be a murderer!"

Abraham Lincoln
Cooper Union Address


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