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Friday, April 29, 2005

"...Not all those who say LORD, LORD"

You wanna know why Christian fundamentalist want school-led prayer?

Because they wanna see this happen on Hannity & Colmes one night:


HANNITY: "In a landmark Supreme Court decision yesterday, school prayer and The Bible was allowed back into our public classrooms. Here's a video tape of some kids in Achin' Asshole, Alabama who wasted no time excercising their newly granted freedom which should've never been taken away in the first place by people like you, Alan."

COLMES: "Well, I didn't take it away. Great, upstanding, tolerant, and open-minded people long before me did and let's be clear on one thing, Sean..."

HANNITY: "Oooh, look. They're praying over there. Isn't that..."

COLMES: "As I was saying before you tried to derail me, I want to make clear kids praying in a school doesn't bother me per se. I'm just concerned if equal accomodations will be made for Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Rastafarians, or other faiths because, if not, then ..."

HANNITY: "Why do you hate America, Alan?"

COLMES: "Excuse me?"

HANNITY: "It's a simple, honest, question: Why do you hate America?"

COLMES: "Sean, hating or loving America has nothing to do with..."

HANNITY: "I mean you liberals lost - AGAIN. You've finally been beaten on this issue! These kids are praying in their schools over there and here you are wanting to argue and debate like always. Why can't you liberals just admit defeat and give it up. I mean, this is GREAT! They're praying over there ..."

COLMES: "Big deal. They're praying. Doesn't mean the battle is over."

HANNITY: "Alan, it was a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. The battle is over. Big deal?!? That's all you've got to say? Big deal?!? Ugh, this is just sickening and typical of you people on the left. I mean, they are *praying* over there."

COLMES: "Nevermind, Sean. Let's move on. Also today, another report of ethics violations against Tom DeLay cropped up..."

HANNITY: "Why did you change the subject, Alan? Those kids praying over there making you unconfortable?"

COLMES: "Well, we're not going to agree on this and there's more show to do..."

HANNITY: "Gosh, Alan ... I mean, they're *PRAYING* over there on that public school lawn!"

COLMES: "We've covered that allready. Moving on now to Tom DeLay ..."

HANNITY: "Alan. Praying. Over there."

COLMES: "... words is now that GOPUSA, the Republican outfit in recent news that ran Talon News website and employed the many talents of former White House..."

HANNITY: "Alan. Look. P-R-A-Y-I-N-G! Oh, that's just awesome."

COLMES: "...journalist Jeff Gannon, had used contribution money from one of their many subsidiaries to pay for Tom DeLay to attend a private Log Cabin Republican rally onboard a Princess Cruise. Since the policy for Princess Cruises is double occupancy, DeLay couldn't have gone alone and the leftwing blogosphere is erupting with reports that potential dates with DeLay on that trip could've have been either Jeff Gannon himself, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, or Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehl-"

HANNITY: *grabbing Alan's head and yanking hard towards a studio monitor*

COLMES: "Hey, what the...OUCH!"


COLMES: "Let go of me, Sean, before things get nasty."

HANNITY: "Or what? You threatening me, Alan?!?"

COLMES: "No, I'm promising you. Let go of my neck before I do something I don't really want to do."

HANNITY: "What's a scrawny liberal dork like you gonna do to --- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! FUCK!"

COLMES: *with Hannity's crotch in an Iron Claw* "Wanna have something really embarrassing to show Ann Coulter the next time she's in the green room, Sean."


COLMES: "You first."

*both let go of each others respective heads*

HANNITY: *pointing to Alan and screaming to an off-camera producer* "HE HATES PEOPLE THAT PRAY AND DOESN'T SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!!!"


That's the only reason why the far right want prayer in schools. They merely want it so that they can delude themselves into actually thinking they've accomplished something. Also, they want to use praying kids as a spiritual/political hay just like Schaivo. In other words, they want this so that can appear Godly in front of the sheeple instead of privately in front of God the Shepherd. They don't realize (nor would they care) if they're actually mocking Him with the whole charade.


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