TBT: The Brutal Truth

Thursday, June 29, 2006


The link says it all:

PINKERTON: If we lose -- if we lose the war, that would be bad.

GABLER: But what if we lose all our civil liberties?

PINKERTON: Well, I'd rather -- I'd rather lose our civil liberties than lose the war.


Eric Burns should've told Pinkerton and Thomas to go shave their legs and roll on the leaderhosen after they lost their civil liberties ... but that would've been expecting way too much from Eric Burns. Of course, the resulting crusade by O'Rielly to get Burns fired (just like the Gabler/"War On Christmas" fatwa) might've given Roger Ailes the bump in the Nielsens he desperately needs but fuck him. Nice to know ol' Rupert's right hand hatchet man is freebasing Alka-Seltzer for the moment while just down the street Olbermann is laughing like Muttley ...


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