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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bush To Congress: "What Part Of 'As Long As I Get To Be The Dictator' Don't You Get?"

Just go read . By the end of it, you'll be thinking the same thing I'm thinking: Why in the flying, rat-infested, waterboarding fuck doesn't the Bush-Lord just run out into the White House Press Room clad in baggie pants and carrying a boombox, shove an IED into Scotty's stonewalling mouth, shout at all the reporters, "STOP -- Hammer & Sicle Time!!", and proceed to do the ol' Nazi Goosestep ala M.C. Hammer right outside onto the fucking lawn?!? He might as well -- all the shitbag journalists will happily fall in line behind him (especially those from the Bob Woodward Post) and it might just convince our George McFly Democrats to stop being bashful wallflowers (with the noteful exception of Obnoxious Joe Lieberman).

This punk-ass, fake Christian, Saudi oil bitch has asserted to Congress TWICE his prophetic suffusion of the Holy Hitler Spirit and his 1,000 year reign as the Potemkin King Of Kings and Lord Of Warlords is about to begin, where his Side-Prophet Of Profit Sheik Achmed Al-Octane will soon start baptizing the American masses with scorched earth fire and the boiling blood of all things liberal. Resistance at this point is probably as futile as a Tom Cruise marriage ...


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