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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Ownership Society" Recieves Marching Orders

Republican pollster Jan van Lohuizen, in a memo written for RNC chairman Ken Mehlman, warns that if members of Congress try to drive a wedge between themselves and Pres. Bush, it'd be akin to adding weight to an anchor. GOPers are "W Brand Republicans" whether they like it or not ... The President is seen universally as the face of the Republican Party … President Bush drives our image and will do so until we have real national front-runners for the '08 nomination. Attacking the President is counter productive for all Republicans, not just the candidates launching the attacks. If he drops, we all drop.

(Hat tip: Ms. Shakes)


"Wintergreen! Wintergreen, have you heard what they've done? They put Schiesskopf in charge of everything!"

Wintergreen was shrieking with rage and panic. "You and your goddam memorandums!"

"Oh, no," moaned General Peckem. "Is that what did it? My memoranda? ..."

"Because you ... transferred out and left him in charge. And do you know what he wants? Do you know what the bastard wants us all to do?"

"Sir, I think you you'd better talk to General Scheisskopf," pleaded the sergeant nervously. "He insists on speaking to someone."

"Cargill, talk to Scheisskopf for me. I can't do it. Find out what he wants."

Colonel Cargill listened to General Scheisskopf for a moment and went white as a sheet. "Oh, my God", he cried as the phone fell from his fingers. "Do you know what he wants? He wants us to march. He wants everybody to march!"

Joseph Heller


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