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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Explaining the "Perception Mismanagement" Series Delay

In response to this and this at Ms. Shake's sandbox a while back, I had been working on a series of posts that would take both the Fathers' Rights and the Women's Rights activists to task, bashing both their heads together like Moe Howard had to do from time to time when his comrades would get out of line while also weaving my own story into the mix.

Unfortunately, the past week of juggling the responsibilities of getting Gwen off to pre-school due to my ex-fiance moving closer to me (but not in the same school district) took it's toll on my mother yesterday morning and she's currently shacked up in the hospital with a heart monitor -- while I was fixing breakfast and coffee, she was trying to get Gwen's school clothes out of the dryer and went down flat on her back as if she were drilled by Riddick Bowe. Took her BP and it was 80/60. Dangerously too low. Just got off the phone with her at the hospital and she's doing as okay as she can at her age.

Now, the irony here is anyone within either the patriarchal Father's Rights crowd or the feminist Women's Right's crowd reading this might be wondering what the fuck is a 32-year-old still doing living at home with his mother? They might feel compelled to snark that perhaps my being a "momma's boy" might explain the "ex" part in the term "ex-fiance". I'm used to such snarky shit but, in the end, those who snark are merely ignoring the bigger picture and when it comes to ignoring the big picture of how life in the gray areas of America is really like, both the Father's Rights patriarchs and the Women's Rights feminists rank right up there with the same corruptive Republicans and complacent Democrats this entire nation is plagued with today (and they had the past 40 years of practice of ignoring the big picture).

Ultimately, my intent with the "Perception Mismanagement" series is to show that we all have no alternative but to conclude that the issue between these two groups -- just like Republicans Vs. Democrats -- ultimately boils down to a picture of societal neglect as a whole both in thought and action and how that picture is percieved through the various distortions it goes through via the media. I'm merely one among millions of domestic casualities of such neglect -- casualties that don't descriminate between leftwing and rightwing, man and woman, young or old, child or adult, gay or straight, Liberal or Conservative, Feminist or Patriarch -- and it's a picture I intend to paint for TBT readers in the hopes that perhaps people will finally stop letting the lunatic, partisan fringe of both extremes (who like trained seals will swallow every ridiculous meme tossed to them) to dictate public policy for everyone else in this country and instead be forced to drop their biases, make natural allies, work their asses off to break the goddamned monotony, and get on with that democracy thing we somehow lost along the way.

Part One will address the dumbass dudes within the "Father's Rights" crowd.
Part Two addresses the bourgeois broads within Ms. Shakes' audience.
Part Three will deconstruct their mismanaged perceptions and attempt to rebuild them (if at all possible).

After that, TBT will either succeed in a transformation -- a transformation Fixer and Gordon will blow a testicle or two over -- or it'll go quietly in the dark just like this country. Witnessing my mother hit the deck, the Democrats abandon Feingold's ship of salvation, and reading Molly's latest rant has kicked me in the ass, inspiring me to reach my breaking point ...


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oh WOW.
I knew you'd find the best examples of what we brits call "americanisms" in America, I cannot believe that woman has a column. Apart from anything else she appears to be making up for a lack of substance in her arguments with an abundance of swears instead! I'm sorry, Pull out of Iraq "we aren't doing any good?" should have thought about that before fucking totalling the country.Americans AND Brits need to stay there to stop war profiteers, and to help the people whose homes they bombed, wrecked, burned and vacated. What an Ignorant Ignorant Ignorant woman. no wonder we have the views of america that we do over here. What on EARTH is this woman talking about? she's like the menopause and every period ever personified in one oestrogen fuelled rage machine. What an absolute load of TRIPE! you're right, she has incenced me now too, and I was only looking for Americans sharing my views on fathers rights!
[www.planet-dadulon.zoomshare.com] please feel free to use us as part of what sounds like an interesting project :o)
Anyway, you've gone in the favorites, mate - cracking blog! Spot on!

By Blogger Emancipated, at 8:02 AM  

Actually, I agree 100% with Molly. I've had it everybody in Washington D.C. except for Feingold just like her. I also agree that USA and UK troops need to be pulled out of Iraq's borders. The Iraqis aren't going to tolerate us hanging around much longer because Bush & Blair squandered their misunderestimated sense of political capital and the results is civil war.

The alternative approach would be to somehow help the Iraqis out getting their infrastructure back in order (consistant electricity, running water, etc.) and boosting their economy out to a degree where they can rebuild their own destroyed homes. Best way to do that is to let Iraq sell their oil to all comers even if it means pissing off the OPEC oil cartel.

By Blogger Sizemore, at 9:01 PM  

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