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Monday, March 13, 2006


Glenn Greenwald:

With very few exceptions, national Democrats in Washington see the blogosphere as composed of uninformed, ranting, dirty masses who need to be kept as far away as possible. While they are willing to take your money, many of the Beltway Democrats see the vibrant activism in the blogosphere as some sort of an embarrassment, while others see it as a threat to their feifdoms. As The Times' review of Crashing the Gate makes clear, national Democrats -- although they don't seem to know it yet -- don't really have the option anymore of ignoring the blogosphere. Its power is growing inexorably and is going to influence the country's political debates one way or the other.

Many - if not most - national Democrats really are afraid of working with actual citizens, and are particularly afraid of having any involvement at all with the blogosphere. It's as though they think they need to remain above and separated from the poorly behaved, embarrassing masses. They actually have been scared away from working with the very people who they are supposedly representing and who are on their side.

Bush followers, along with their media allies, recognize the lurking power of the anti-Bush component of the blogosphere and -- for that very reason -- have been expending considerable efforts recently to demonize it as nothing but fringe, extremist lunatics who are political poison. Rather than combat that demonization, national Democrats -- as usual -- have meekly acquiesced to it -- even internalized it -- and are now intimidated to go anywhere near one of the very few vibrant, living and breathing instruments of political activism available to them.

Those three words "even internalized it" hammers the Democratic Party to that bigass "Culture of Complacency" stake I've been carrying on about here for some time in an accurate and poetic nature because, within the realm of human psychology, there's a proven pathological disfunctional condition that uses those same three words in describing the psychological turmoil of those whom suffer greatly from it:

Learned Helplessness is a well-established principle in psychology, a description of the effect of inescapable punishment (such as electrical shock) on animal (and by extension, human) behavior. The theory was developed by Martin Seligman through experiments going back to 1965.

"Learned helplessness" offered a model to explain human depression, in which apathy and submission prevail, causing the individual to rely fully on others for help. This can result when life circumstances cause the individual to experience life choices as irrelevant. Chemical dependence may also foster such a condition.

Environments in which people feel they have no control over what happens to them, such as prison, war, disability, famine and drought may tend to foster learned helplessness. An example involves concentration camp prisoners during the Holocaust, when some prisoners, called Mussulmen, refused to care or fend for themselves. Present-day examples can be found in state-run mental institutions, orphanages, or long-term care facilities.

Not all people become depressed as a result of being in a situation where they appear not to have control; in what Seligman called "explanatory style," people in a state of learned helplessness view problems as personal, pervasive, or permanent. That is,

* Personal - They may see themselves as the problem; that is, they have internalized the problem.
* Pervasive - They may see the problem affecting all aspects of life.
* Permanent - They may see the problem as unchangeable.

Translation: "We suck! We know it, we love it, and there's nothing you insolent, uncultured BLAHGERS are going to do about it, so neener fuckin' neener!!"

Like hell, we are. I hate to channel Stone Cold Steve Austin ... actually, I'm gonna sound better than Stone Cold. Attention, you spineless D.C. Democrat shitbags: The blogosphere is going to stomp an IED-sized mudhole into your asses, walk it dry, piss over the dried hole to make it muddy again (or request a raindance from the pissed off former clients of Abramoff), and then walk it dry some more.

The complacent Democrats in Washington are experiancing the very same three levels of "explanatory style" Learned Helplessness -- Personal, Pervasive, and Permanent -- that permeated the opposition parties of another republic half the world over in the early 1930s, creating the very vacuum of denial that paved the way for a ruthless, totalitarian dictator to come to power and propagandize the otherwise neat and peaceful people of Germany into becoming nothing but gibbering brainwashed peons defending their demonic liege lord. Like them, our Democrats in Washington KNOW that they fucked up, continue to fuck up, have internalized the problem of their complacency that allows Bush's own Hitler-esque belligerance to unfold in front of a global audience, witness it as affecting all aspects of human life (be it foreign or domestic), and believe -- absolutely believe -- that there's no remission of their guilt; of their unmitigated sin, and thus see it all as unchangeable.

As a result, the "dirty, insolent, uncultured" masses that comprise of the entire netroots, grass-roots and blogosphere aren't human beings to them but instead are merely walking mirrors, reflecting their own useless and pathetic hides back at them warts and all. Each time they see these masses, it's like a ball of chain lightning coursing throughout their ranks, delivering a well-deserved ZOT! to their conscience, instigating a paralysis that forces them to fold like lawn furniture, and play just as fuckin' dead as Seligman's dogs.

They can't stand it.

No matter how many times they lash out calling the walking reflective mirrors of the netroots a lie, it doesn't stop the truth of it from trampling them. They can not escape the reflection, either, no matter how many times they turn their heads nor can they bury them inside the millions of tiny grains of sand they've allowed the Bush Administration and the media to pound into permanent residence inside their own asses anymoreso than they can jump up with a bucket of war paint and slake the mirrors black -- the paralysis makes it impossible.

It's either "Lazarus, Come Forth" for the Democratic Party or they're fuckin' street pizza. Corrosion of conformity breeds cultures of complacency. Period. They're getting their quadriplegic asses replaced, especially if they don't back Feingold's legislation to censure Bush -- which is a big deal. It's the public dignification of what the Republicans recently found the courage to tell Bush behind closed doors over this Dubai ports deal (e.g. "One more move like this, goatboy, and you'll be flirting with impeachment!") and Russ wants to see if the Culture of Corruption would mind dignifying it all in a formal and public manner. They probably won't but I see this move as more of a test of whether or not the D.C. Democrats have a whit of testicular fortitude left in their convulsing carcasses. As for the the GOP, they won't hestitate to toss Bush and Bill "I Hope Iran's Not Listening But My Mouth Just Insured They Are" Frist under the bus in an attempt to keep their "permanent majority" dreams alive; no matter how craven and vain.


All puffed up with vanity
We see what we want to see
To the beautiful and the wise
The mirror always lies ...
Girls and boys together
Paint the mirror black
The mirror always lies ...

"War Paint"


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