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Monday, March 13, 2006

Breakin' The Rules

Originally, I had a "No More Than 20-25 Links" rule with my blogroll because it was mainly for my own usage and convenience. I have too many bookmarks in my browser so I just springboard off to the others from my own roll here. Also, I didn't want to do what most blogs do and that's have a colony of them that just sprawl on forever. No offense to those blogs - it's just wanted to keep it short. Nice and neat.

Welp, so much for that shit. It's starting to swell like a malignant hornet sting on Karl Rove's ass (when "asses" and "Karl Rove" appear in the same sentence on this blog, rest assured I'm talking about the one at shoulder level) so the Ye Old Rule is about as dead as all Republican talking points. The additions are too numerous to mention -- severe weather in my area is forcing me to cut this post short -- but they fuckin' deserve to be there.


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