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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Turning Tricks

The stacked rightwing deck within SCOTUS sure didn't waste any time:

A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that universities that get federal funds must allow military recruiters on campus, even if their law schools oppose the Pentagon's policy prohibiting openly gays and lesbians from serving.

The high court upheld as constitutional a federal law dating back to 1994 that allows the government to withhold money from universities that deny military recruiters the same access to campuses given to other employers.

Although I'm no lawyer, I believe there's a hellava punchline in this gag trucked out of the highest judicial order: if recieving federal funds is the condition that hinges on whether or not miltary recruiters can troll around on college campuses looking for fresh meat, then I think this ruling also gives legal precedent for the military to hit up corporations that collected windfall tax-breaks and/or government defense contracts as well as churches that have youth study groups, especially the ones that recieved "faith-based" cabbage from the same federal kitty as these colleges -- all thanks to Bush's initiatives.

Nice little tripple wammy for the Republican "Gung Ho But Sure Won't Go" crowd, isn't it? Kinda. But it's also a tripple whammy for the Democratic stooges, too. Hey, if the recruiters can legally troll on campus for the privilege of collecting fresh meat (on the same token as your ordinary neighborhood tar-heroin dealer), I don't see why they can't also troll around your work cubicle or your church looking for a son or daughter you're willing to part with ... or would that shit hit too close to home for Pretender-Class America?!?

I think that IS the punchline to the gag in its simplicity: BLACKMAIL!

College campuses and shopping malls that get federal aid? Fine! The workplace and "faith-based" institutions that collect simular federal aid? NEIN! That's exactly what SCOTUS forced 300 Million of us to concede to with this ruling, nevermind the fact that if our politicians would only send peoples children into wars that were actually worth a flyin' fuck, they wouldn't have to write up and pass legislative blackmail for the SCOTUS to enforce as a Sword of Damocles hanging perpetually over our heads in the first goddamned place -- a sword that, conveniently enough, doesn't hang over heads of the Bush or Kerry daughters ...

Until it does, miltary recruiters, politicians, and judges had better stay the hell away from my daughter.

I would rather Nick Berg their daughters here before I let them Nick Berg my daughter over there.


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