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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nuclear Option SCUTTLED

The arrest of Cindy Sheehan has upped the ante in this game to such a degree that I've been forced to enact The Nuclear Option. What exactly is The Nuclear Option? You'll find out later in the day -- there'll be audio and possibly video if I can find an AVI convertor worth a shit. Other than that, I will just say that I intend to tighten a few loose screws within the Beltway later this morning/afternoon and -- if everything works out smoothly on my end -- I hope it inspires other bloggers to take this rather spur-of-the-moment idea of mine and run with it.

UPDATE: My ex-fiance has an ultra-flexible work schedule while I'm self-employed working from home (whenever I'm called for work, that is). So, that means folding up shop and having transportation drop our soon-to-be 5 year old daughter off to me on moment's notice. Thus, I didn't get jack shit done today except make Gwen's belly-botton raw from "The Pinky Monster".

I've decided to keep my meany-rat for a few more days anyway, so I'm just gonna let you know what my Nuclear Option idea consisted of since I don't anticpate being able to set-up, test, and debug my equipment until Friday (or the weekend) so if any other bloggers want to steal it, be my guest. More power and freedom to you.

What I had planned on doing was calling my state Representatives and asking them serious questions because the arrest of Cindy Sheehan is completely bogus and I'm getting really sick and tired of Democrats who keep saying all these tired-assed expressions and slogans in the media ("We can do better"; "There's a better way") or explaining to the media what they need to do (like that moron Barrack Obama did recently) instead of actually doing those things first, and then explaining to the media later. The biggest mistake the Democrats have made over the past 5 years is to explain to the media what "they need to do" as an opposition party instead of getting off their spineless dead asses and doing them first, bragging to the media second.

When our Democrats do this, they reveal to the media and to the ReThugs exactly what the Democrats won't be doing anytime soon (e.g. Culture of Complacency) and thus Rove and his thugs are able to steamroll the American public once again without any opposition. Afterall, there's a lot of things I need to do but that doesn't mean I'm gonna do them. It merely means I recognize what I need to do but will probably procrastinate some more, thus the talking is sort of having an argument with one's own self -- I'm trying to either test to see if I'm in the mood to do those things I need to do and, if not, can I talk myself into doing them.

If I can't manage to talk myself into doing them, guess what's going to happen to those things that need to be done? Yep, you guessed it -- on the back-burner of Procrastination City. Of course, if I had a wonderful woman in my life, those things I need to get done would've been done allready because she would've gotten sick and tired of listening to me dignify them and launched into one of her motivation speeches (e.g. "WELLLLL, GUESS WHAT YOU'RE DOING TODAY, ASSHOLE?!? I'LL GIVE YA 3 GUESSES AND THE FIRST 2 DON'T COUNT!!") I've always said that there was a reason why King Solomon said in The Bible that it's better to live alone on the roof than in a house with an angry woman. Fuck divine inspiration -- he was talking from personal experiance. Hell hath no fury ...

That was my Nuclear Option in its nutshell form (i.e. Hell hath no fury) and I would become "the women scorned" by proxy when I called up my own Democratic Party Representives and asked them why they didn't leave the SOTU address when those damned police arrested Cindy Sheehan? I would demanded of them to explain to me the difference between the patriotism of Cindy Sheehan's T-Shirt versus the patriotism of my Representatives wearing those American flag pins on their lepels. I would've demanded to have to them explain to me why they felt their rights to nationalize by wearing that American flag pin was any different than Cindy Sheehan's right to nationalize wearing her T-Shirt.

I would've demanded that they explain to me the difference between their protesting how great America is by the very fact that they wear the pin on their lapel versus Cindy Sheehan protesting the ugliness of America for the ammount of lives vainly lost and families permanantly destroyed by this pointless, ridiculous, fraudulent war based on the pack of lies -- lies that not only made the Halliburtons and the Bechtels richer than they need to be, the Republican-owned media cretins richer than they need to be, but also the foreign country whose people were made wage-slaves to produce and import the very American flag pin on their goddamned lepels in the first place, thus making them richer than they need to be? And, unbeknownst to my Democratic party Representives, my converations with their staff would've been recorded, encoded into MP3 form, and posted here on TBT for all to listen to.

If they couldn't explain to me the difference (or if their explainations were pathetic and moronic), then I would launch Phase Two of my Nuclear Option which consisted of me hounding their sorry asses every day to either publically apologize to Cindy Sheehan LIVE on network/cable TV for not standing up for the Constitution when the police hauled her off, remove their American flag pin from off of their lepel, or resign. And those daily conversations would again be recorded, encoded to MP3, and available here for your listening pleasure.

That was my "Nuclear Option" idea from bow to stern and if anyone wants to run with it, be my guest. I encourage anyone and everyone to do whatever they want with that idea. Steal it, tweak it, take full credit for it, or leave it. I only ask one thing in return -- just give me my fucking country back. Afterall, it doesn't matter that the charges against Cindy Sheehan were dropped -- it's a matter of principal.

The moment they arrested her in the first place, Democracy died.

What we've got left is a fucking illusion.


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