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Saturday, January 21, 2006

MSNBC In Serious Legal Jeopardy

To the chagrin of MSNBC's legal department, John Amato at has, within the last week, archived and documented incontrovertible evidence that spuring demands for a public apology and retraction. Instead of doing just that, Mr. Matthews and another MSNBC employee Joe Scarborough compared Osama Bin Laden to Micheal Moore but to Sen. John Kerry and every single American currently voicing dissent with President Bush - be they Democrat, Liberal, Civil Libertarian, or Republican - as well.

This is a much larger issue that just mere slander.

Does MSNBC and its shareholders grant Mr. Matthews and Mr. Scarborough to use company resources for the expressed purpose of abusing their personal Freedom of Speech as individuals along with MSNBC's Freedom of the Press to blatantly engage in the criminal acts of the marketing and distribution of agitative propaganda in a time of war to further maginalize the public up to point of potentially inciting riots and other forms of civil unrest?

I hope for their sake they do not and hereby demand that MSNBC suspend for 90 days both Mr. Matthews and Mr. Scarborough without pay and for the CEO of MSNBC to issue a prompt public apology for their remarks. These individuals must cease and desist immediately or MSNBC could face other legal options by a concerned public to remedy these serious infractions ... or even worse.

It doesn't take a legal scholar to realize that the inverse cost of freedom in America is responsibility. I may have the freedom of speech, but I have to take responsibility for abusing that speech, especially if I were to be so stupid to yell, "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre. On that same token, it's shouldn't take a legal scholar to show MSNBC the error of their ways by abusing their freedoms of well -- all it should take is a look at history.

Apparently, the media hasn't learned a single thing from the 1960s where the divisions over the Vietnam War spurred protests and mass riots. Not one whit. Does history have to repeat itself outside of MSNBC's own studios to make that point all over again?!? Is that what Mr. Matthews and Mr. Scarborough want in this country -- RIOTS?!? Is that what MSNBC and it's shareholders hope to provoke?!? If so, then how can one avoid the ultimate conclusion that the media itself is deliberately trying to incite domestic terrorism within -- in an age where we are trying to fight terrorism from without at the cost of over 2200 soldiers' lives (and rising) as well as billions of tax-payer dollars?!?

Show some damned responsibility ...


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