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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

He Who Laughs Last ...

I've been in a funk the last few days because of Chris Matthews and the rest of the prima donna pinheads of Big Media comparing Osama Bin Laden to Michael Moore, John Kerry, and the rest of us liberal hippie leftist moonbats and I think I'm coming out of that funk. Just a moment ago, I re-read the last few posts of mine ... and had an epiphany. What if we liberals not only turned our back to President Bush during his SOTU address, but decided to go a few steps further? How further? Our Democrats aren't even an opposition party and they haven't raised any hell in the 5 years that the GOP has kicked their teeth in. If I had contributed to Howard Dean and DNC right now, I'd be barking for a refund.

If they aren't going to empower themselves in the face of these sancimonious, totalitarian, fake Christian, Republican fucktards, then why should we bankroll their asses this year? Let's yank not only our contributions but also our Federal taxes we may owe this year (if Uncle Sam owes you money, by all means collect it). This way, we gut both the Culture of Corruption along with the Culture of Complacency, leaving them with only whatever cashflow they get from the Corportocracy and their lobbiests. Lets these pinheads bankroll their own multi-million dollar re-election campaigns with their own wallet instead of ours (at this point, I gotta bail on the notion at dKos that grassroots netroots money is going to save our Democratic party at least until I'm fortunate enough to ever read their book).

Can we go further?

Sure, why not. Instead of letting the Republicans hunt us down and exterminate us from the landscape alltogether, let's pack up our fucking sandboxes and do something they told us to do if we "hated America so much" in the first place -- LEAVE. Vote with our feet and leave this country to the Taliborn Again. Vote with our feet and leave this country to these rotten Republican thugs with their torture, unitary executive, and Mammon addictions. Leave this country ... and give them and their water carriers within the MSM the blessed liberal-free Amerika they've been dreaming about since they first rocked back and forth and screamed "Limbaugh Ackbar" in orgasmic glee whilst petting their pricks and AM radios.


Because without liberals, civil libertarians, and Democrats in this country, the corporate media's parent networks are just one wardrobe malfunction away from getting hunted down like dogs and unitarily executed themselves by the very crooked, thieving, fake Christian, authoritarian Republican whores (and man-whores) they're all too happy to spread their legs or bend themselves over to.

So, go ahead Matthews, Scarborough, Howell and the rest you pompous twits in the mainstream media. Spread your legs, grab your ankles, and continue to moan in ecstasy as the so-called "Christian" Republicans of today proceed to cram their dicks into your hides and bang you like a chorus of shithouse doors in a gale in exchange for access and tax-breaks but just remember that their warm cocks can turn into cold phalluses the size of mountains ribbed with razor blades in a demagogic conquest for morality and decency all at the exposure of somebody's 1% chance of botching something as small and insignifact as a botton, draw string, or strip of velcro.

Is it worth that bargain? Without us, they finally get their Christian nation. From there, it's only a matter of time before you are forced to litter those sprawling news sets with crufixes, busts of Jesus, and a mandatory moment of prayer before the national weather.

Who sounds like Osama Bin Laden now?!?


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