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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lip Service

C&L has a must-see video of Rita Cosby's projectionist mouth:

Rita (rough transcript): I am offended, I think, that churches would turn over their rosters. I think there needs to be a clear seperation of church and state. It's what our country was founded on. I also like what the Democrats are doing. I mean ... talk about a wacky thing, they're going after the "Hoodlum Vote". I mean, that, I think is clearly racist. Clearly they're going after the African-America vote. I think it's pretty disturbing ..."

Tweety: (interupting) "Who ... back ... back that up a notch. Going after the "Hoodlum Vote"?!?

Rita: (spinning her wheels) "Yeah, they're going after the felons. They're going after the convicted felons. They're going after these rosters saying some of these felons should be able to vote ...

So, Rita thinks all blacks are defacto felons, eh? DAMN!

The irony of John's capture-icon isn't lost on me:

Ah, so that's how Rita Cosby uses her mouth to go after the "Corporate MSM Employment Vote". No wonder her voice is sooooo husky.

Last time I seen a HOLY SHIT moment such as this was on WDIV in Detroit, owned by Post-Newsweek Stations. The reporters at the newsdesk were two black people -- Emery King and (I believe) Asha Blake before she went to ABC News. After the young, white, beautiful blond-haired and blue eyed hottie delivered the weather, they had a segment about some baby chimp. After the sports segment, they had the closing segment of the day where a lady said she prefered men who were a little on the dark complected side.

Cut to the studio with Emery & Asha where they engaged in some brief banter to segway into NBC Programming (either The Nightly News or The Tonight Show) as the foremention weather hottie stood at the corner of the desk to Emery's right. When Emery & Asha quieted down, the weather chick piped up, saying words to the effect of, "I wonder if she'd consider the chimp in the previous segment as dark complected ..."

Emery and Asha were dead silent for about 3-5 seconds in total shock until Emery -- being a consumate professional that WDIV should've never shitcanned a few years later -- went in for a save.

According to information I gleaned later, what happened when WDIV cut to the closing shot of the Detroit River that ends the newscast, Emery and Asha were upset, hastily removing their microphones and storming off the set to complain over the racist comment the hottie weather chick made. WDIV's GM Alan Frank promptly summoned the weather hottie into his office and shitcanned her. The hottie -- who was very young and very green -- appologized profusely to Emery & Asha though a sheet of tears that she wasn't intending to be racist at all and pleaded with Alan Frank to only suspend her after she'd tape a segment where she'd extend that appology to WDIV viewers. Didn't work.

The next scheduled WDIV Newscast opened with Alan Frank re-airing the segment of her gaffe and announced the weather hottie's termination. Apparently, however, Alan recieved a lot of complaints about her termination from Detroit Area viewers, arguing that the hottie couldn't have known that her quip was potentially racist, especially if she grew up and/or went to college in an area without minorites. That forced Alan Frank to come back on the air later in the week to address those complaints but he stuck by his guns in her termination. Since the termination was a blackeye on her resume (especially from WDIV -- Post-Newsweeks's flagship station), no other station in the immediate area would hire her.

Now, here's where I get a little fuzzy on the details because this information is roughly 5-10 years old and prone only to my best recollection gleaned from the old sources (some who known or worked with her personally): in the end, she got married, had two kids, but the WDIV termination not only killed her carreer but eventually her marriage, sending her into depression. These sources, like me, felt that a consumate professional of Emery King's stature should've mentored the young girl at such an early stage of her carreer; not give her what the business calls "The Scarlet Letter".

That is the difference between her and Rita Cosby.

Probably not the only one -- Rita will probably keep her job.


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