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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ever since Rev. Lowery recieved a massive standing ovation during the funeral of Coretta Scott King , the shit has hit the fan. First we had Kate O'Beirne on how the funeral wasn't the right forum for Rev. Lowery to wax politics and now -- with a hat tip to Matt Stoller at -- we find that the racists and bigots at has gotten their sheets and hoods all in a big tizzy:

Why is it that those who participate in these funerals feel compelled to turn a solemn, religious event into a Def Comedy Jam spectacle of anti-Republican, anti-conservative boilerplate "known facts" and demands for handouts?

Yeah, that's code, alright -- code for, "Why can't these America-hatin' darkies know their roles, shut their mouths, and git their coon asses to the back of the bus?!?"

I also think I have a clearer understanding of why the culture of so many black Americans in this country is below what it should be and is capable of being.

Wow. Put this cross-burning rube to head Mehlman's Black Voter Outreach program. You know -- since he knows so much more about the potential of the black culture ever since that one time the batteries in his cable remote suddenly went dead on Soul Train. Made him an immediate expert ...

Bush should take back New Orleans money and force these [assholes] to come begging for it.

This poltroonish shitheel's banjo needs to be taken away and never given back until he can pronounce "nuclear".

Since so many Democrats chose today's memorial service to act as ungracious swine, howzabout a filibuster proof Senate?

Nice to know that if I ever need glue to bind pages to a book, I can just squeeze Section9's head. And why not? It worked so well in the binding of Mein Kampf.

You didn't see the Gipper's funeral turn into a GOP convention.

Two words: Schaivo, motherfucker!

I hope this fool is still enjoying those 700 Club souvenir balloons with her braindead rictus on it, by the way.

What needs to be done here is a good old-fashioned protest that would make the soul of Ms. King proud as a peacock as she ascends to Heaven. First, we swipe that picture Aravosis has , have Kinkos print of a bunch them on some good stock, staple them to a bunch of sticks, and then riverdance our happy asses over the GOP headquarters collectively chanting "Shut your fucking beak" over and over again. Completely spur-of-the-moment thing, too. Ignore any protest laws and regulations (why not -- if Bush can get away with ignoring laws, so can we) and just give 'em all a shitstorm.


Hey, you can also bring another sign -- Ken Mehlman and the words "Hey Ken!" on the front of it and on the back the words "This Republican Bigot Says, 'Stifle Yourself!'" underneath a picture of Archie Bunker. That'll work, too. Feel free to be creative with your signs. Oh and if MSNBC wants to air more outlandish bullshit from rightwing imbeciles and pedomorphic stooges, the crowd can just as easily hee-haw on over to Rockfeller Plaza. Plaster a sticker of the fugly-assed mug of over the white picture frame and viola!

Won't even have to change the chant for ol' Tweety.


UPDATE: Pam's got from Freeperville.


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