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Friday, February 24, 2006

Bush "Adamant" About Being A Mental Case

Been in a funk lately and it's contributed to the lack of updates but it looks our lameduck President continues to be resilient on his executive authority to display just how fucking lamebrained he truly is, according to the following from The Sulzberger Beobachter:

"He's completely adamant about [allowing the UAE to police U.S. ports]," another aide to Mr. Bush said. If a Dubai company is treated as less trustworthy than a British one, the aide said, "he thinks that the signal in the Mideast would be disastrous."

Christ, you couldn't draw clearer picture to describe just how completely insane our leadership is in this country. Within weeks of a moonshining Vice President blasting a crony in the face with birdshot, we've got this horseshit from the Bush-Lord, leaving us with no other alternative to conclude that these two haven't the mental capacities to continue holding office and Capitol Hill needs to step in. Afterall, President Bush is more worried about what the UAE will think of us if we actually have the balls to say "FUCK NO" to letting them watch our ports so soon after 11 of the 9/11 hijackers cleared security over there than he is worried about what I think of the idea.

What do I think of the idea?

The more President Bush is "adamant" about this, the more adamant I become towards wanting to see his worthless, brainless, fake Christian hide (along with his entire Administration) tried and convicted of treason, and frog-marched on the same day to downtown Manhattan where the WTC once stood so that New York and New Jersey dockworkers can get a good front seat to marvel at the poetic justice of his public execution -- merciless impalement with a "Made In India" American Flag and hoisted roughly 20 stories into the cold, crisp February air before he (or they) can cease convulsing in death. Let CBS, NBC, ABC and the rest of the cable "perception management" networks broadcast it all over the world just as adamantly as they would broadcast missing white women, too.

There they will adamantly remain hoisted upon their skewers until the last vestige of human flesh and viscera rot off their bones and onto the bloodthirsty earth at which point the American people turn to the vastly overprivileged Barbara and George H.W. Bush and collectively declare, "Your crotches were responsible for bringing this plague -- this unadulterated blight; this unmitigated canker -- upon us all, and now you get to clean up it all up as if you were the underpaid and underprivileged maids of a Motel 6 ... and you will so do on your own damned dime!"

How's that for adamant?


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