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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hall & Gabler Blasts FNC While On FNC

I totally missed this one over the last few days but John at C&L posted the video of FNC's "Fox News Watch" where Hall & Gabler tear into Pinkerton and Burns over this whole "War On Christmas" bullshit that other FNC dittoheads such as Cavuto, O'Rielly, and Gibson always start mewling about. I don't watch that blasted ass network because I feel like shaving my legs and rolling on the ol' leaderhosen whenever my digital cable box can't flip past it fast enough (which is never - slow ass Motorola piece of shit) but I've gotta say Jane and Neil's comments are right up there with their comments regarding the Jeff Gannon scandal. Jane railed on Jerry Falwell and the Taliborn Again as the source of this "war" on Christmas while taking a well-deserved swipe at Pinkerton when he started getting all sanctimonious and Neil Gabler repeatedly shoved FNC down Burn's throat.

The true bastard of the whole segment was Cal Thomas. What a complete and utter stooge. Notice how relatively fucking quiet he was?!? Other than preaching that bullshit line about Jesus not being about tolerance, he didn't say much at all. There's a reason for this: fake-ass, fraudulent Christian conservative collumnists such as him who merely give lipservice to Christianity in order to shore up money, votes, and power to Republican apparatchiks simply don't feel confortable talking about their faith or their beliefs when Liberals and Democrats are present at the social table.

I know, I know -- rightwingers like him often claim the same thing regarding liberals but that's just textbook "projectionism". They themselves are the one that clam the fuck up until they are all alone with their own collumns/TV/Radio shows or amongst other like-minded people. Then and only then do they -- if I may shamelessly borrow the Rush Limbaugh phrase -- sport the intellectual chops to defend their ideals and bloviate the whole "Liberals Are Scared Of Religion" meme. These sonofawhores only like "preaching to the choir" and the presence of Gabler and Hall on that panel intimidated the ever-loving piss out of Cal Thomas.


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