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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bullshit On President Bush-itler's "Compromise"

This needs no introduction. Just keep fuckin' reading:

The President has made it very clear that we do not torture, he would never condone torture or authorize the use of torture. If someone doesn't abide by our laws, they're held accountable, and we have done that. That's the difference between us and others. When it comes to human rights, there is no greater leader than the United States of America, and we show that by ...


... seeking a compromise with a leading Senate Republican over its efforts to exempt the CIA from a proposed ban on torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners, President George W. Bush's national security adviser said on Sunday.

"We are working hard in good faith on both sides to come up with an approach that can be supported by the president and the Congress, to both find a way to be aggressive in the war on terror and still comply with U.S. law," national security adviser Stephen Hadley said on "Fox News Sunday."

As far as I'm concerned, everyone currently employed in the White House along with their sympathizers in the CIA need to be bound, gagged, and frog-marched directly in front of the Hague. Torture and other inhuman treatment of prisoners is AN INTERNATIONAL CRIME and deserves nothing short of having their fates decided by an international coalition just like the Nuremburg trials. Also, anyone on Capital Hill -- Republican or Democrat -- that does come up with a "compromise/approach" on this issue must also join the forementioned crooked, immoral, un-Christian, and un-American sonsabitches from the White House and CIA. Failure to do so is akin to illegally squating on Federal land and usurping the Government from the American people whom would then have every right to remove your cankerous blighted asses by any means necessary -- from ballots to bullets.

Let's be very clear here, ladies & gentlemen (and I use those terms very, very losely): TORTURE SHALL HAVE NO TOLERANCE -- EVER -- AND YOU MUST CEASE AND DESIST! Non-compliance to this very basic American value and principal is to run the grave risk of Americans seeking political, capitalistic, and/or physical reprisal that you won't be able to spin as "domestic terrorism" for the power belongs to THE PEOPLE and the people shall consider such reprisals as JUSTICE!

(Hat Tip dKos & Arthur)


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Your rant rocks! Right there with you.

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