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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

...But Do They Have Balls?!?

On the heels of Sen. Reid shutting down the Senate, I and other liberal blogs celebrated. While the Republican O&O'ed Corporate MSM spent the last few years showing us Ann Coulter's legs (personally, I've seen better pairs under the heatlamps at the local KFC), was great to see the Democratic party slip us some tangible evidence of a vertebrae or two. But I think it's also safe to say that we dirty hippies here on Left Blogistan are also prepared for a little "more of the same" disappointment from our Democrats -- more of the same as it pertains to their penchant on plucking out their own spines those vertebrae are attached to. They haven't done it yet ... but that's the keyword there: YET!

Having a spine (and keeping it) is one thing for our Democrats but the question we need to ask now is do they have the testicular fortitude to go with it? In other words, can we expect to see our Democrats jiggle their nuts at the asshole Republicans accross the aisle because -- once again -- the Democrats have been given a golden opportunity to show some serious fuckin' leadership in this country by another blogger in Left Blogistan: the well-respected Billmon who serves us a post on The Wapo's blog by William M. Arkin:

Last year, U.S. intelligence agencies and military planners received instructions to prepare up-to-date target lists for Syria and to increase their preparations for potential military operations against Damascus.

According to internal intelligence documents and discussions with military officers involved in the planning, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in Tampa was directed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to prepare a "strategic concept" for Syria, the first step in creation of a full fledged war plan.

The planning process, according to the internal documents, includes courses of action for cross border operations to seal the Syrian-Iraqi border and destroy safe havens supporting the Iraqi insurgency, attacks on Syrian weapons of mass destruction infrastructure supporting the development of biological and chemical weapons, and attacks on the regime of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

From there, Billmon invoked the spectre of the Nuremburg trials that brings an interesting question that our Senatorial Democrats must answer after Phase Two of their investigation/whitewash is complete: Do you have the balls to go all the way with this? Not only do we have Libby turning on a spit and Brownie still collecting a FEMA paycheck but we are sitting on a 5-year old stockpile of Weapons of Mass Propaganda that the White House churned out to terrorize Americans into supporting their bullshit war (which has only helped Halliburton's stock triple in value since its inception). If you Democrats in DC uncover the paper trail of all those lies along with these plans to wage another pointless, unilateral, aggressive war on Syria & Iran ... are you willing to show some balls? In other words, are you Democrats ready to do what George W. Bush keeps swearing he's doing: "Bringing the terorists to justice"?!?

If so, then let's start with the terrorists squatting on the chunk of federal land at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just down the road from The Senate and bring them to justice. Since the Republicans are too corrupt and you Democrats haven't earned enough reliability yet, I must suggest The Hague as the only venue to properly bring them to justice.

If not, then God have mercy on your souls.

The American people, however, should not.


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