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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Good News & Bad News

Since I couldn't make heads or tails of my HTML hacks that I did when I moved to the "Powell Street" template in order to make Haloscan work correctly (I was really drunk then), I grabbed a revised edition of the code, added what I needed to add, and then had Haloscan do an auto-install. The results?

Good News: commenting and trackbacks have been FIXED!!

Bad News: All previous Haloscan comments & trackbacks have swirled down the fucking memory hole.

Yes, I was sober, but to hell with it. At least it's working right this time and now I'm off to drink a case of Rolling Rock and see if Tiger Woods 06 is going to rob my ass of another tournament victory by crashing again. If so, I'm going to stagger my way into a Call Of Duty 2 server and get my ass shot off ad infinitum.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon - HaloScan is STILL broken! Time to visit their forums and grovel in front of one of their gurus. Back to Blogger's commenting system until then.

UPDATE 2: The Auto-Install failed. I just did a manual install of HaloScan and, as you can see, both Blogger AND HaloScan's comments are working simultaneously -- something that isn't supposed to happen according to HaloScan's support forums. Guess what? This happened before! What I did to fix it was simply remove the visable links to Blogger's commenting system so that vistors would never see Blogger's "Add A Comment" link to a post. The hack didn't disable Blogger's commenting since that has to be enabled in order for HaloScan to work (HaloScan is supposed to override Blogger's commenting by piggy-backing on Blogger's proprietary code and then it's supposed to hide Blogger's "Add A Comment" link from view). Anyway, my hackery works for a few months and then goes to shit so I don't want to go through that again. Therefore, my advice to you is to only use HaloScan if you wish to comment and ignore Blogger's "Add A Comment" link entirely.


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