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Saturday, November 19, 2005

That Dirty Liberal Hippie Murtha-Fuckah!!

That's essentially what transpired on C-SPAN hours ago -- the entire rabidly insane Republican "ownership society" went apeshit on Sen. John Murtha for introducing a resolution calling for bringing the troops home "at the earliest practicable date" and tried to undercut him and the Democrats by introducing their own ridiculous resolution that called for bringing the troops home from Iraq "immediately". The worst came from "The Wicked Witch Of Freeper Valley" -- Rep. Jean Schmidt of Ohio (video at Think Progress):

At one point in the emotional debate, Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, told of a phone call she received from a Marine colonel.

β€œHe asked me to send Congress a message β€” stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message β€” that cowards cut and run, Marines never do,” Schmidt said. Murtha is a 37-year Marine veteran.

My late uncle Clyde Sizemore has as many years in the Marine Corp as Murtha and, if he were alive today and saw this crazy woman come unglued like that, he'd have seriously considered putting her down like Old Yeller but ultimately deciding against it since it would be unfair to any self-respecting bullet. Nevertheless, this is just another page in the Bush/Cheney/"Sie Rightving Echo Chambah"'s desperation campaign of castigating Democrats in the hopes that idealogy will trump reality -- actual reality; not the multitudes of "realities" the NeoCon moonbats djinn up for us keen observers of history to study relentlessly.

Of course, the campaign will fail because at this point, I doubt any American in their right mind (stress that right mind part; 30% of this nation still drinks Johnny Walker from Bush's punchbowl) will buy it since it's so damned disengenuous it's pathetic. On one hand, they're heehawing around the landscape bleating like stuck pigs, "Hay! Lookit all these Dems who bought our 'Saddam Has Nukes' BS and voted for the war!! Now, they want to cut and run?!?" when the other hand shows that had those Dems not voted for the war in the first place, they "hated 'Murika, lubbed Saddam, didn't support our troops, and wanted to gargle Bin Laden's jism" or some such shit. In other words, the Republicans only gave Democrats two choices in the run up to the Iraqi WMD Snipe Hunt Turned Quagmire:

* Suck George W. Bush-Lord's Dick
* Suck Saddam Hussein's Dick

Well, they smoked George's dick and I don't recall either him nor any of the rest of the rightwing bastards complaining at the time. And why not -- this Adminstration loves to have their Johnson sucked by a large clientele: Bob Woodward, Judy Miller, Colin Powell, Jeff Gannon, etc. Even I know that even a bad hummer is kinda good (except when the bitch is bucktoothed, but that goes without saying). Oh, but they're complaining now and trying to say the big Democratic knob-job on President Bush's war boner clouded his great, moral, Christian vision for Iraq. Orgasms that don't lead to fetuses is spilt seed and thus make the baby Jesus cry, you know.

You just can't win with these fuckers, man. Just when you think they're cornered, they don't just move the goalposts -- they raise and move the entire damned stadium. I say keep moving the fucker, you bunch of incompetent, corrupt asshats! Soon, you and your stadium will be moved into total irrelevancy from the political landscape since the majority of Americans have come to realize that Republicans don't support the troops -- they take 'em for granted. And as most Vietnam vets will say (I had two in my family) there comes a point where being taken for granted gets taken for granted too much. When that happens, kiss your monopoly on the military vote goodbye.


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