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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Fifth Collumn

Unlike some bloggers, I'm not going to help or reward (save for this very post) the Capitalist, pro-Administration propaganda networks such as CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. to allow the Bush Administration to "change the subject" once again via 24/7 "Schiavo Style" coverage of Jews and Palestinians blowing each other to smithereens. My position on the Middle East is crude yet simple: pull our troops and all resources out of there entirely and let these fundamentalist religious fuckers Nick Berg each other in homage to their respective false deities.

Neither I nor my daughter will be dying for Palestine or dying for Israel and won't have my tax-dollars wasted so that our own card-carrying Likudniks and PLO disciples within the Republican and Democratic party ranks can kiss foreign fundy religious ass in exchange for continued money, votes, and power within Washington D.C. Fuck 'em.

I'm not a bigot nor an anti-semite -- I'm anti-idiocy and killing people for ones God is as idiotic as it gets. In the immortal words of Jesus himself, "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword" and these motherfuckers -- Jew and Arab alike -- have been living and dying by the sword since Moses came down off the mountain and it's my sincere, heart felt, undying belief that this shit wouldn't be happening right now if Bush and the fake Christian right would've left a contained Iraqi dictator the fuck alone.

Nope. The religion of capitalism (much like all fundamentalist religions) creates an "entitlement culture" towards more, and more, and more capital -- regardless who pays or suffers. Thus, the Bushies and the Saudi-Arabian oil cretins felt "entitled" to stick their beaks and our troops into Iraq to put a cap on Saddam's oil, creating artificial shortages and demand, resulting in the high prices we're paying at the pumps. Thus sayeth Lord Mammon -- thy Bush-Lord's God ...

Their pro-business, pro-capitalist "our way of life" destabling of the Middle East to the levels of bloodshed currently smeared all over cable news at this hour also served another purpose for the Republican far right Fundy Fristian fringe -- the rapure nuts are loving it! For every dead Jew and dead Palestinian -- be they man, woman, or child -- these knuckle-dragging, Bush voting, Christian fakers and frauds are praising and decrying the Rapture and the return of their Tin Jebus, and relishing in it all.

America, these lunatics are your "fifth collumn" for they don't care about the underlying chain of events that trigger their beloved "end times" bombs, blood, guts and tribulation just as long as The Rapture and Christ's return is thusly advanced another step. In their eyes, the doctrine "Once Saved Always Saved" espoused by Dr. Charles Stanley in Atlanta (and in fundamentalist churches everywhere) is seen as a defacto license to commit the most gruesome and heinous sins imaginable, still remain saved, and still go to Heaven.

Bush can personally waterboard the entire middle eastern populace, hook car batteries up to their testicles, rape the women, and shove flashlights and nightsticks up the asses of Club Gitmo/Casbah Ghraib "guests", and those sins won't effect his salvation with the Lord according to these Rapture Rejects. In fact, it's quite the opposite -- if these actions (sins) of Bush bring about the Rapture and the return of the Lawd, the ends justify all means. And since the blood of Christ at Calvary allready "saved" Bush "from the foundation of the world" or "from the perspective of the cross", it's as if these sins never happen, are never credited to Bush, and therefore he still remains a Christian with his reservation in Heaven intact. He's still their boy hero!

Fools and hypocrites ...

With any luck, hope, and prayer, the heavenly father of Jesus will turn to these freaks and say, "Depart from me, you workers of iniquity for I know you not!"

(Tin Hat Twirl: Brainers)

UPDATE: Apparently some time after posting this, the great chariot had swung low and scrubbed raptured that entire thread from prying dirty liberal 'Murika hating eyes, leaving all those sorry Rapture Ready bastards behind for the coming Great Tribulation. Man, that must suck -- to go from burning their Weis & Hickman D&D novels to burning Jenkins & LaHaye! Might as well toss the Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe tomes on the pile, too. Praise Jesus and pass the Keith Olberman.


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