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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Holy Exploding Templates, Batman!

Just loaded up my blog a few moments and ago and noticed only black text on a plain white background. Yikes! Within 10 minutes of an investigation, I located the problem -- the style sheet that powers the template (Powell Street) is hot linked to the author's TypePad account ... and TypePad is down for maintainence.

Powell Street's author Lillia released new code for the template awhile back and, after parsing through the code, I made one small cut and paste and VIOLA! With this change, if Lillia's TypePad account goes down again at a future time, it won't take my blog down with it and, instead, will snag the style sheet from another location. The change also improved loading speed ...

UPDATE: Spoke too soon! The background image in the title banner as well as the white bankground border no longer loads up. I can't figure out why. So, I'm on the prowl for some new duds.


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