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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bourgeois Pig 5: Aravosis Removes Blinders - Finds Hood In D.C.

I really, really, really, hate to channel Joe Lieberman but there he goes again:

If you never saw the movie "A Clockwork Orange," it's about... well... I don't even remember what it's about, I saw it so long ago. All I remember from the movie was an incredibly graphic and violent scene of some thugs breaking into a woman's home. The rest was so violent and nasty, it still sticks in my head some 30+ years later.

That is what Washington, DC is now becoming, a city of gratuitous and graphic violence. I'm serious, the city is dangerous folks. Visit or live here at your own peril.


This is Georgetown, folks. It's like getting murdered and raped in Beverly Hills. As much as the cops and the politicians try to tell you that "shit happens" in big cities, it doesn't happen on a regular basis in the "good" neighborhoods, and it sure doesn't happen on a regular basis where I grew up. We've even had several shootings and murders in my neighborhood in DC and the surrounding neighborhoods, and they're pretty damn nice, well, compared to the neighborhoods next door.

Before you go plopping down half a million dollars to live in some new condo in a neighborhood that was a ghetto just a year ago (and still really is), you might want to take a hard look through the newspapers. Even the best neighborhoods in DC are now seeing random rapes and murders, and our politicians are telling us this is quite "normal" for any big city (it hadn't been "normal" in my neighborhood for the past ten years or so that I recall). And the neighborhoods all the young well-off kids are moving in to make my neighborhood (which is nice, but still edgy), look like Bel Air.

Awww, your poor, affluent, Orwellian, upper-middle class, capitalist boy that has lived in Washington D.C. for over 20 years. Is that nasty ol' hood coming to your own little habitat of suburbanite sprawl?!? Newsflash for you -- Washington D.C. has always been the sewer on the Potomac. In other words, the entire city has been nothing more than a den of thieves, crooks, swindlers, murderers, criminals and other assorted hoodlums since day one... and that's just the Senate and Congress alone.

Now, after years of Mammon, the Great Balaam of Capitalism has furthered the divide between the "haves" and "have-nots", you're just now starting to realize that the "have-nots" are gunning straight for the "have-mores" of Georgetown?!? And why not -- most of the "haves" had done packed up and left that filthy shithole a long time ago (I think Marion Berry rocking it up was the straw that broke the camel's back) leaving only the "have-mores" and a few hangers-on from the "haves" such as yourself that still feel entitled to not have their "good" neighborhoods and gated communites overrun by the filthy, unwashed low classes; to not have a needle taken to your bubble of privilege?

Your entire whinefest reads like a shallow, incohate, pity-party of not necessarily class warfare, but of class indignation -- a common trait among Republicans. As one of your own commenters (jmoor) said:

This is the ultimate result of the conservative belief in YOYO (Your on Your Own).

What do we expect when we see a society that permits its wealthiest and most highly connected to get away with crimes on a regular basis? What do you expect when the social safety net keeps falling away and when the labor of the common person continues to erode? What do you expect when large corporate interests will routinely triumph over the worker, the middle class and the impoverished (who were abandonned long ago)? What do you expect in a society brainwashed to believe that you are morally inferior should you fail to succeed in material term? What do you expect when the government's policy of "do unto others before they do unto you" preventive warfare teaches a might make right view of the world?

I have been to many countries in europe and the far east. We adopted our daughter in Siberia. The one thing I have noted is that there is a direct correlation between income distribution and the civility of society. I remember the Phillipines as an excellent example. The rich controlled society and were corrupt. The rich corrupted the government (like our Republicans have been corrupted). The poor stole to stay alive and then because they felt entitled to take what they could given the disparity of income and rigged system.

The only winners in a capitalist system ... are the capitalists. They win short term megabucks only to turn around and inherit long term mega-hoods because the top-down disparity of weath empowers the rich, monied, bourgeois elite as the expense of those below. It'll remain this way until people remove their fuckin' blinders and I don't have much hope for you. Like most upper-middle class capitalists among both sides of the political sandbox, they only want to remove the blinders when it's convenient. Afterall, I must draw this conclusion because, just shortly after The Yearly Schmooz in Las Vegas, you had a moment of clarity where the blinders came off and you wondered, "Who knew Las Vegas had mountains?"

I'll tell you: My sister Darlene. She's lived in Las Vegas for 20 years. If she's not a good enough expert for you, there's always these lads -- they knew Vegas had mountains for over 150 years ...


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