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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lamont & Lieberman On C-SPAN

These two guys are LIVE right now on C-Span in a debate. Only 10 minutes into the debate so far and they're smacking each other around hard. If you're not watching, what in the hell is wrong with ya?!?

UPDATE: Oh Christ! Lieberman just said "Sheptembah Dee 11th" ...

UPDATE: Lamont: "Sen. Lieberman has never seen a free trade agreement he didn't applaude." Yeeeeouch!

UPDATE: Lieberman just tried to interupt Lamont and Lamont's response was, "Can I finish? This isn't FOX News ..." Obnoxious Joe is toast.

Impressions: Without a doubt, Ned Lamont was spot on, firing on all cylinders in tonight's debate while Obnoxious Joe kept whining and smearing Lamont. The smearing went back and forth but it was much worse from Joe Lieberman -- a screwball whom earlier announced that he was a "petitioning Democrat" by being open to an Independent run in case he doesn't win the primary. Someone at Ms. Shakes sandbox accurately described this logic by Obnoxious Joe as, "He's giving the people in CT a choice just in case he himself doesn't like their choice!" Clearly the incumbent is in trouble, and he should be. In my view, Joe Lieberman has plucked more spinal collumns from the Democratic Party over the years that Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat cringes in shock.

Another thing that Obnoxious Joe did throughout the debate is something I didn't even expect and I laughed my ass off: he pulled a John Aravosis! I shit thee not -- Joe Lieberman kept yammering on and on about how his experiance/track record/service in Washington, arrogantly and sanctimonious attempting to paint Ned Lamont as a "Noob-Come-Lately", which is something John Aravosis himself has a tendency to do whenever he has a meltdown and starts talking down to his readers, particularly the one detailed with my "The Multiple Americas" post. I think it failed utterly just like it did when Aravosis did it and actions like these are typical among desperate people who became very unstable upstairs when they realize that they don't have any kind prospectful employment options outside of Washington (or in Aravosis' case, activist blogging ala L. Brent Bozell) because they've burned all their bridges and squandered everything going for them.

Aye, how the mighty have fallen ...


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