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Monday, February 06, 2006

Is It Just Me Or ...

... is Robert Turner an idiot? Not just any idiot - no, a full-blown "All Your Base Belong To Article II" rightwing wackaloon? As the associate director of the University of Virginia Law School, he just said on C-SPAN with Glenn Greenwald that basically President Bush can ignore FISA since "the Constitution is higher". If that's the case, Bush can ignore everything in the Constitution, everything in the Bill of Rights, every legal precendent set by SCOTUS. Everything. As long as His Tortureship decrees "that's annoying and this is cumbersome,", it's just tough titty said the kitty, eh? Am I way off base here?!?

UPDATE: Nawp, not off base -- Turner just said: "The Constitution gives all Presidents a level of great unconstrained power."

I'm officially hearing a distinct rattling sound eminating from the general vicinity of Tricky Dick's casket.


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