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Friday, January 20, 2006

Conyers Judiciary Hearing -- Where Was Your MSM?!?

As of 11:15AM, C-SPAN broke from Washington Journal to cover on Bush's "Project Shamrock II" NSA spying scandal. So, where was your mainstream, Corporate-owned, Republican-controlled, public service, mainstream media between 11:40AM and 1:40PM?!?

CNN: Commercials!
FOX: More Missing Miners?!?!
MSNBC: Yay, it's the weather!

CNN / FOX / MSNBC = Miners.

CNN = Commericals
FOX = Dow Jones / Bin Laden
MSNBC = Commerical "Google/Pr0n" Segway

CNN = Eco Terrorism Indictments
FOX = Miners
MSNBC = Iraq / Al-Queda

CNN = "Google/Pr0n"
FOX = Bin Laden
MSNBC = Commericials

CNN = Stocks Slump
FOX = Missing Journalist
MSNBC = Russia's Record Cold (not kidding).

The meeting adjourned.

Not one drop of LIVE coverage in 2 hours.

As for the meat and potatoes of the meeting, it sounds like some Democrats are seriously considering censure/impeachment proceedings. Wexler shoved Bush's face in the mud early on when he quoted Bush as saying "that the terrorists hate our Freedom and our form of government" and then reamed him (paraphrasing): "Why did our very President undermine this government of ours via his unconstitutional warrantless searches?!?" Damn straight.

John Turley commented that the only way Bush can justify "Project Shamrock II" is to claim that FISA is unconstitutional but he said that's an angle even he'd wouldn't want to persue in court because everything could be claimed unconstitutional by the Bush Administration's subscription to the "Unitary Executive Theory".

Van Hollen agreed and said that this sheds light on why Bush has never vetoed anything -- he's just going to ignore whatever he doesn't like with his signing statements and said that Bush's ludicrous behavior would be hilarious if it weren't so serious. As far as I'm concerned, Bush's penchant for ignoring laws using these signing statements is the equivilent of pulling a "line item veto" out of thin air.

More comments and highlights shortly (scouring for transcripts).


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