TBT: The Brutal Truth

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Down Time

Last Friday, I was sitting here at my desk playing Tiger Woods 2005. My created golfer -- who resembled a cross between Bullworth and Snoop Dog -- is standing on the tee of one of the menacing PAR 5 holes at Sawgrass. I needed to hit the green in two for the Eagle so I hauled off and wailed on the ball, sending a monsterous, Herculean drive right down the fairway that even the announcer David Farity let loose with an ecstatic, "Hooorah!!" His comrade Gary McCord voiced his pleasure with nothing short of an orgasm. The drive was bound to break the 400 yard barrier.

Alas, I never got a chance to know for sure because while the ball was still in the middle of its 9-second hangtime, the 5 year old power supply in my computer case decided it was to time to give up the ghost. My whole rig went down accept for the cold cathodes in the front of the case. I switched the PSU off by the the master circuit on the back, waited for 2 minutes, flipped it again, and pressed the power button on the front of my PC case. Two seconds later, I hear a loud POP .... and that sealed her demise.

No blue magic smoke.

No fire.

No scent of burnt electronics.

Heat? Oh yes. Lots of it. Cracked it open, noticed the tell-tale milky substance oozing out of one of the capacitors and hence the reason for the downtime since then. I just popped in a replacement 500 Watt PSU from Codegen and I don't entirely trust it. Too much flux on the +12V rail for my blood but it'll have to do until I wrangle $60 bones or so to replace it with a higher quality one.

In the meantime, I back up and running but blog updates here will only happen when it's cool enough in the house to do so (no AC here -- whatever the housefans draw from outside is as cool as it gets) and since it's currently 81 degrees here -- both outside and inside the house -- I'm going to shut down until sundown.

As for my golf addiction, a PS2 rental from Hollywood Video has me all squared!