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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Things Fall Apart, The Center Does Not Hold"

AxisOfLogic's Chad Inman will surely be placed on Tony Perkins' enemy list...

But the most important piece of Constitutional evidence against Ten Commandments establishmentarians is found in the first clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution. This clause definitively demonstrates that our law is independent of the Ten Commandments and all other religious legal codes. It reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." This clause alone prevents the United States government from ever passing laws based on the first four commandments, which tell us to have no gods but the Lord, not to worship idols, not to blaspheme, and to keep the Sabbath holy. If Congress tried to incorporate those commandments into our laws, it would be an establishment of religion. How can our law be based on the Ten Commandments if a single clause of the Constitution wipes almost half of those commandments out of contention for inclusion in our law? The second clause of the First Amendment also outlaws any inclusion of the first four commandments in our legal code, since that clause protects our rights to free exercise of religion. If we were forced by the government to worship a certain way, as the first four commandments tell us to, then our rights to free exercise would be violated.

Better yet, I would add that if our Congress were to institute the Ten Commandments into law, how the hell could they afford the manpower and resources to enforce it? Ask any group that has subverted true religious freedom -- from the Spanish Inquisitors of yore to Al-Queda -- and they'll tell you (grungingly, of course) that enforcement of their agenda simply can't be done without a huge volunteer effort. Hence the reason for raising hell via the grassroots recruitment approach -- those who desire to subvert and undermine true religious freedom have (if finding convenient auxilliaries inside Government turned out to be fruitless) always geared and molded their propaganda in order ensnare the minds of the people to drop everything they are doing and join the revolution. In other words, there can be no true religious subversion without a ready-made audience that has (or will discover to have after enough inoculation) the willing disposition to have their minds enslaved by tyrannical fashions-in-thought. The result is the people not only become the perveyors of religious subversion but also the defacto volunteer militia that'll gladly enforce it (remember that whole "Your Neighbor Might Be A Terrorist And Must Be Watched" meme being trucked out by the Bushies in light of the PATRIOT ACT and John Walker Lindh?) As Antonio Gramsci theorized, that audience is allready out there and one only needs to use the power of institutions such as the media, academia, government, and religion to reach them. He even went to so far as to suggest that once this is done, everything else will natually fall into place (which Herman Goering proved decades ago). It's textbook anarchist religosity cloaked in the politics of FUD -- the exact same thing Tony Perkins and the radical right-wing fundamentalists are trying to do.

This is just a small peice of a larger mind-blowing article and it's a must read for everyone. If you don't have AxisOfLogic bookmarked, by all means do so and consider greasing their wheels with a contribution to keep articles like this coming.


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